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The KHD Difference

Kemp Homes & Development was founded in 1987 by Ken Kemp and Greg Purvis under K&G Contracting. The two specialized in finish carpentry and residential framing. The duo self-performed carpentry and framing, along with other trades on the 27 houses they constructed from 1987 to 1992. In 1992 Ken Kemp took over management of operations, applying his dream and vision of where he wanted the company to go. Since then, Ken has built more than 140 high-end homes in the greater Seattle area, developing many long-lasting relationships with his clients along the way.


In recent years, Kemp Homes & Development has grown into a trusted family-owned home builder with years of exceptional and diverse skills, a company that partners with the finest local contractors in the greater Seattle area. The team prides themselves on craftsmanship and perfection. Since the first nail was set in 1987, the team has been committed to working harder and offering more to their clients custom home. The result is hundreds of happy homeowners whom we call friends.

A few of the reasons why so many of your neighbors have chosen to join the “KHD family” include:

Absolute Top Quality

Your home will be built to last for generations, with high-quality building materials and innovative building methods that go far beyond what is required by building code.

Value Engineering

Early involvement allows us to help value engineer your project, identifying where it’s worth investing more money and where a less costly option will provide the results you desire.

Early Involvement

Most general contractors don’t come to the party until the construction bidding process has begun. Kemp Homes & Development starts working with you right from the start, providing expert assistance even before the lot has been found and the architect has been retained.

White Glove Service

From tear down to finished home we handle all aspects of construction, including permitting, project management, problem solving and quality control. Our goal is to take the stress associated with home building off your shoulders, simplifying a very complicated process for you.

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